Digital Atributes & Values

Why are there so many of them trying to steal your password? Obviously, it is worth something. It is worth something for them, but it’s worth more to you.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what are digital attributes,
  • why are they of any value to hackers
  • why it is important to protect them

There are many reasons to keep your digital identity safe:

  • the increased use of technology means also more cybercrime,
  • online shopping – if you don’t shop secure, someone can get your credit card information,
  • online banking – don’t you want to be the only one to be able to access your money?

Our digital identity consists of two type of information:

  • digital attributes – login attributes, date of birth, social security number, medical history, fingerprint, email address …
  • digital activities – forum posts, pictures on social media, likes, comments, shares, search queries, geotagging, cell phone usage …

The video below shows how Facebook collects data about its users. Other companies have a similar approach.

It is important to know that our digital attributes can simply be sold.

Social security number



Passport + Selfie + Utility bill



Bank details





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