Digital Footprint

Whatever we do online, we leave traces behind.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what is a digital footprint,
  • what should everyone care about it.

What is a digital footprint

Digital footprint is the data about the data that user is searching or using online. This is the data, that users left online on digital services. A digital footprint is anything that a user shares directly or indirectly online. This includes:

  • simple text,
  • images,
  • audio,
  • videos.
Whatever users do online, they leave traces.

We talk about passive digital footprint when a user is not aware of its data collection and about active digital footprint when a user publishes its data willingly.

Is this bad?

The fact that user leave traces online is not bad perse. Collecting data online can be good for:

  • it easier to detect illegal issues and frauds
  • with personalization, it is easier to use the internet (for example buying products)
  • our future employers can find positive information about us online

But there are also several issues that we have to be aware of:

  • companies can use our data without our knowledge,
  • constant advertisement causes distraction and it is annoying
  • users behavior data can be used also to increase prices of products or services
  • our behaviour can have a bad influence on our future
  • our data can be used by hackers or other users with bad intentions

The users’ awareness of their footprints is quite low.


60 %

of internet users is not worried about how much data they leave online.


38 %

of internet users tries to limit the data they leave online.


74 %

of internet users have searched about their selves once or twice.

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