Defining digital identity

If we want to know what digital identity really is, we must take a journey. Watch the video, think, and do the self-reflection below. This is the first lesson in a row.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • that there are multiple definitions of digital identity
  • that definitions do not matter
  • that it is important what you do online

Digital identity consists of information about each individual person that is available online. All the data about you, your activities, behavior, search activity, medical history, financial status, entertainment …

The data is in some cases connected to the user, typically through an online account or to devices that are owned by us e.g. mobile phones, smart assistants, laptops…

The typical user is not aware of the amount of data he creates with his activities online. All this data tells a lot about ourselves. “The internet” knows more about us than we do…

The problem is that there are several companies and individuals that are interested to get the data. Some are willing to pay, some of them will try to steal it.

Average adult has over


online accounts.

Every day we create cca.


megabytes of data online.

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o data breach victims experience identity theft.