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From a technical point of view, consent on the internet is about cookies. It is about giving permission to your browser to accept and store cookies on your computer. But all cookies are not the same. Below you can see what percentage of sites that use cookies use some kind of cookies.

Non-secure cookies


Session cookies


Secure cookies


Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • the type of cookies that are used on the internet
  • how to select which cookies to enable
  • how to delete or block cookies in the web browser

Cookie types

Cookies can be sent through secure or non-secure internet connections. If they make insecure connections they are marked as non-secure cookies. Non-secure cookies are vulnerable to eavesdropping.

If a cookie belongs to the site the user is visiting, it is marked as a first-party cookie. These cookies help a website to function, for example with this type of cookie a web store remembers what a user has put into the shopping cart even if the user is not logged into the web store.

Third-party cookies on the other hand belong to the site that the user has not visited and are intended for tracking purposes.

When looking at the duration of cookies we can identify short-term cookies that exist just for a time of one session and persistent cookies that stay on the user’s disk permanently.

The cookies are not dangerous but they can be risky.

How to deal with cookies

There are several ways to protect yourself from the misuse of cookies:

  • make sure your browser is updated – this advice is very general as it can protect you from many types of web threats
  • avoid suspicious websites – prior to the visit of a web site it is good to surf the net about this site and learn if it is safe
  • view and/or delete browser’s cookies – generally, a user has to enter the privacy part of the browser’s settings and explore the possibilities there
  • use an ad blocker for your browser as it blocks cookies automatically

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