Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies

Mobile Technologies refer to the use of portable electronic devices, systems and networks.  These are usually referred to as Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, Wearables (Apple Watch) and Mobile Gaming Consoles.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what is meant by m-Learning?
  • how mobile applications can support learning?
  • the mobile applications used to support learning?

Mobile Technologies support learning by:

  • allowing students to Learn Anywhere, Anytime, which increases the opportunity for students to complete programmes of study
  • increasing the speed of learning, as content is delivered in smaller sized episodes of learning
  • improves knowledge retention And Information Recall
  • providing the opportunity to personalise learning and increase engagement
  • Facilitating multi-format content including; video, audio and applications

So what is M-Learning or Mobile Learning? Here a two videos to explain.

What is M-Learning?
Mobile Learning Explainer Video

There are a huge range of mobile applications that can support you do all kinds of activities in your learning delivery. have identified 7 mobile apps you could use in your delivery. 

The list can be seen below, and there’s also a short video adapted from content on, to tell you a little bit more about how they can be used?

7 Mobile Apps you Should Know About

Like all technologies and approaches, there are advantages and disadvantages to using them. What we do know is, mobile use is on the increase.

See the charts below from the Digital 2020 reports, which  show how internet users are using mobile devices and how much web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Use of Mobile Apps (By Category)
Share of Web Traffic (by Device)

So we know there is a growing trend in mobile device usage, but as you see above, education apps don’t feature as a popular or prominent category, yet!

To feature more in learning, we should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages to using them. So what are they?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Learning

Of all digital media


of content is viewed on smartphones

For learners

find accessing their training content on a mobile device essential

There are

of smartphone users downloading apps, with 50% used for learning