2.3.2 Data Recovery

If we want to know what data recovery really is, we must take a journey. Watch the video, think, and do the self-reflection bellow. This is the first lesson in row.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Identify the factors that compromise cyber security.
  • Understand the legislation that relates to online security and data management.
  • Evaluate the most effective ways to plan for and respond to breaches in online security and data management.

Despite technological advances, the loss of data or information remains a reality to be addressed. One of the main reasons for data loss is usually human error, although errors in the operation of computer programs, power cuts, viruses or various hardware failures can also occur.

In the face of this reality, data recovery is essential. There are various situations of data loss and as such, different ways to handle them. Almost all stored information can be recovered.

Data recovery is based on rescuing lost, damaged, or inaccessible data or information by means of backups carried out in secondary storage.