2.4.4. Hardware Management

The electronic components that make up our devices are responsible for ensuring that the installed programs can function properly.
The programs installed on our devices are more than we can imagine at first glance, some of them have the mission of “modifying” or controlling the way in which some electronic components should behave or function.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Security measures when using our phones
  • The importance of updated firmware
  • Obtaining the IMEI number of your phone

As we already know, our devices are composed of hardware and software and the correct and synchronised behaviour of both components depends on the effectiveness of our device.

Therefore, our devices, in addition to the applications that we install and that should be reviewed and updated, contain a code/program that controls how the hardware should behave. Firmware upgrading

In the same way that a knife can behave as an indispensable tool or as a lethal weapon, depending on which hands it is in, the Firmware is a computer code that allows or disables functions to a hardware so that it behaves in the safest and most efficient way that we need at every moment.

Hence the need to update the firmware of our devices with the latest versions offered by their manufacturers. Devices ID. IMEI – serial number

The IMEI number is your mobile phone’s unique identifier and is permanent and independent of the phone number assigned to you by your operator. If your phone has two SIM cards, it will also have two IMEI numbers.

This IMEI number is necessary to be able to recover or locate your phone in case of loss.