2.4.6. Mobile App Security

No person or device knows as much about you as your mobile phone.

It knows where you’re going. Who you have personal or professional relationships with. What kind of reading you like. The videos or films you watch and, of course, the websites you visit and for how long. Knows what you buy and where you buy it. What your hobbies are, your illnesses and even your progress in that goal of weight loss or sports improvement.

Are we interested in putting limits on our phone? How can we do this? Can we make it “forget” something it has already learned?

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • To protect your ID, protecting your mobile phone.
  • To understand the permissions and authorizations needed for the Apps we install.
  • To regain control in case your phone is lost.

Would you take a Paris-NY flight in a 1930s plane as safely as you would in a modern modern plane? What if they told you that the engine of that modern plane had not been checked or that their computers and controls could be interfered with?

Even if our lives are not at stake by not updating or reviewing the safety of our mobile devices, we must be alert if we do not want to be left to the mercy of others. App permissions

The last App I installed on my mobile phone in order to have a compass asks me for permission to access my contact list and my photos. Is it really necessary for the App to have that information for a compass to work, or is this the “payment” for using the App? Authorized and unauthorized stores

Your mobile phone is like your diary, it collects and stores all kinds of information about your day-to-day life. Would you leave it exposed for anyone to read? And what would happen if it was lost or stolen?

The video gives you a clue to make your phone “forget” about you.