Social Media and apps: Mentimeter

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What Mentimeter is
  • How you can use Mentimeter in your classes


Mentimeter makes it possible to easily use smartphones, tablets or laptops as voting devices during the lesson.

What can I do with it?

You can use this instrument for different phases of your lesson. During the orientation you can use it, for example, to retrieve foreknowledge with a word cloud ‘what do you already know about the anatomy of man? Or ask which part you need to explain again by dividing the 100 points on certain subjects. During the execution of a lesson, for example, you can ask a few questions about the subject.  And at the end of the lesson you can use Mentimeter as an evaluation tool. You can ask students what they thought of the lesson, or check what they learned during the lesson.

Some other options are:

-Use the tool to give students feedback to each other on a presentation they gave themselves.

-Produce a proposition beforehand and the same proposition afterwards in a lesson. Maybe opinions changed during the lesson?

-Input questions for the next lesson.

-Starting a discussion about, for example, the distribution of public funds by having students divide a budget between different expenditures. -In election time, let the class vote for political parties.

How do you create an account

This is how you apply for an account at Mentimeter.

Go to:

-Click the blue “Sign up” button at the top right.

-On the next screen, enter your email address, a password and your name and then click the “sign up” button. After this you are logged in immediately.

-If you want to start using Mentimeter immediately click on “Skip”.

-On the next screen tick the box for which you want to use Mentimeter and click on the button “Go to dashboard”.

-In the intermediate screen that appears, click on the button “Skip tour”.

You have now arrived at the dashboard of Mentimeter and can get started right away. N.B. If any intermediate screens appear first, you can just click them away.

Example of a question with 3 options to choose.

The making of a word cloud question and the results

Advantages and disadvantages of Mentimeter

An advantage of this tool is that the instructor determines which question is active. This prevents the conversation from continuing while the lesson continues.

 A nice feature of Mentimeter is the possibility of displaying answers to an open question such as wordcloud. This gives a snapshot of what students associate with a particular subject. A great start for a discussion!


-The wordcloud option for displaying the responses;

-Teacher determines which question is active;

-Questions are reusable.


-In the free version only a series of 2 questions can be created;

-Reporting option is also a premium feature;

-Sensitive to abuse, disrupts the lesson.