Technology Enhanced Learning

Lesson goals and objectives

This module will:

  • Provide examples of using technology to improve learning,
  • And suggest resources for further inspiration.

How Does It Support Learning

Look at pictures of medieval classrooms. In some regards, they will be strikingly similar to our current classrooms the main difference being a projector or a smartboard. This is hardly “technology enhanced learning”. When done badly, it is a source of costs and frustration for IT/AV personnel and teaching staff without corresponding benefits.

But when done right, Technology Enhanced Learning allows more efficient learning for our learners, better access to learning and improved productivity of our staff.


  • IESE Barcelona installed new generation classrooms. These allow teaching of business case studies without the need of learners to travel to the physical campus. For details see also
  • Guest speakers are a popular feature of many classes. They can illustrate the class concepts with examples from their own work. In my project management class I have used them to serve as role models, show interesting careers that the students would not consider (beyond their imagination) and also validate the classroom learning – it helps when an established consultant confirms that they are using the same methodology or expresses interest that students are already learning this or that concept. When the class consisted of some students with work experience, I put some of the burden on them. They would ask their colleagues, managers or people from their network. The videoconferencing tool would allow them to simply schedule such talk for the whole class without being limited to the class days.
  • Mentimeter is one of the tools you can use in online and traditional education. You can enhance your presentations by polls, quizzes, get inputs before, during the class or feedback at the end of the class. A free account is sufficient for a short lecture, you can also get individual or team subscription. See at

Top Tips

  • Be mindful of “absorption capacity” of your learners, instructors, administrators. It seems easy (to some of us) to learn a new tool, but your users need to learn a new tool, worry about access, transfer data etc.
  • If you add (content, tool, practice), what will you cut so that you do not overwhelm your audience?