Using Technology for Demonstration

While classroom experiments are among students favourites and allow them to get a exposure to real world, to how experts and scientists work, some are simply too costly or dangerous (especially in STEM disciplines). Demonstrating a nuclear reaction is usually not possibly in your classroom (and no, we are not suggesting that you try that).

Lesson goals and objectives

This module will:

  • Show some resources how you can start,
  • Give you a couple of examples from different disciplines.

As the Harvard Gazette article suggests, “Research shows online STEM demonstrations can be as effective as classroom teaching” (“From YouTube to your school”,  )


  • Students of the Harvard Business School appreciated the multiple instructors co-ordinating their case studies in one week to be related to ice cream. Turned out, this was a coincidence, but a memorable one for students that allowed to integrate concepts from multiple courses.
  • You can start your session with a video. Or better yet, assign a video for home study, flipped-classroom style. See “25 Chemistry Experiments in 15 Minutes” ( ) for an example. Or see howstuffworks website ( ) for examples of questions to assign to students.
  • Also, there must be an app for it. Students want to be on their phones, so instead of forbidding them as a distraction, use them as a tool in your class. See “101 Amazing Apps for Classrooms” ( ) ( or other similar lists.
  • Augmented Reality (Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality), is making inroads… More likely there are already applications for your subjects. See ”Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Education and Training” ( for number of examples.

Top Tips

  • Look for inspiration in other disciplines. While you can not use the same example, case etc., it shows what can be done.
  • Who are the cool teachers in your discipline? Look abroad. Who are the teaching stars on YouTube?
  • Can you work with other instructors? Can they use your examples to illustrate concepts in their discipline and vice versa? Share the load!