Presentation and Multimedia Technologies

Presentation and multimedia technologies

Presentation technologies are software’s to help you deliver learning content or facilitate demonstration in your learning.  The most common technologies are Powerpoint and Apple’s Keynote.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • the various software available to help you present
  • how presentation software has developed over the years
  • how to compare presentation and multi-media technologies to choose one that fits your needs

While presentation technologies help you deliver learning content, multimedia refers to using various formats of media to communicate.  This could include; text, audio, video or other interactive content.

Presentation and multimedia technologies support learning by:

  • allowing you to retain control over your learning delivery
  • providing a resource bank which can be revisited by students
  • Allowing you to create more accessible learning materials
  • stimulating discussions between students and teachers

So just how have presentations and multimedia softwares changed? The timeline below, charts how these softwares have changed since PowerPoint entered the market back in 1987.

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You can read more about all these technologies, using the links below:

This blog post by Orana Velarde, takes the best presentation software options and uses a visual comparison (as seen below) to help you choose the right one to fit your needs.

Click on the blog link above or on the image below to read more.

So, we’ve discussed presentation softwares, but what do we mean by using multi-media in your learning? The image below, adapted from a blog post on, provides a range of media you could incorporate into your learning.

It’s clear there are lots of media formats we can use in learning, but why should we use them? The following video from eLearningExpert asks “Why Do We Want to Use Multimedia for Teaching?”

Why Do We Want to Use Multimedia for Teaching?

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