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Socrative is an application for fun and effective classroom engagement. Get instant insight into student learning with quizzes, polls, exit tickets and learning games.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what Socrative is
  • what you can do with it
  • how you can use it in your classes

What is it?

Socrative is an online tool that allows you to gauge opinions and test knowledge in a group. You do this by asking a series of questions (Quiz): multiple choice questions, good/bad questions, open questions, propositions, to which the students then respond with their smartphone, tablet, laptop or regular computer.

The instructor determines the moment at which a series of questions/quiz will be released. After the answers have been given, an extensive report can be requested, in which the instructor can view the answers given per student and per question.

What can I do with it?

Socrative can be used in different ways in education. The reasons why you could use Socrative in your classes are:

  • To activate and test the students’ prior knowledge. As an instructor, you can then base your lessons on it or adapt them. Students become aware of their prior knowledge of the subject. The group will gain insight into the present foreknowledge of the group as a whole.
  • To validate knowledge via a test or quiz (individually or in a group)
  • To provoke a discussion. The students respond to questions and/or propositions.
  • To evaluate.

In the so-called Space Race you create a competition element between the teams.

With a Poll you can respond to questions and statements.

How does Socrative work?
Create an account. Go to  and click on “Get a free account”. Enter your details under “Teacher Registration” and click Submit. After requesting an account, you can log in immediately.

Logging in and logging out:

Login to Socrative

Go to Click the blue Teacher Login button and enter e-mail address and password and click on Login. This will take you to the Dashboard screen. (launch)

In the blue bar you have five navigation names:

1.Launch This will take you back to the current screen.
2.Quizzes This is where you make a quiz.
3.Rooms In the free version you have one login name for the students.
4.Reports Overview of the quizzes with the results
5.Results Becomes active when a test is taken and shows the progress live.

There are six navigation buttons

1.Quiz. Activates the quiz
2.Spaceship game. Game to answer the questions on speed. The students see the mutual speed.
3.Final survey. Three short questions before the end of the lesson ( default filled in).
4.Multichoice. The teacher asks a question in the classroom and indicates what a through e stands for. The student can then make his choice.
5.True / false. The teacher asks a true or false question in class.
6. Short answer. Free field to fill in as an answer to the question of the teacher. After filling in, the answers can be voted on.

How to take a Quiz and how to design a test
-click on quizzes in the blue bar of the launch page.
-In the upper right corner is the button +add quiz, click it on.
-Choose new.
-Name the test (framed bar).
-Make a choice from the question type.
-For each question you have to make a new choice of the question type.

What’s a room in Socrative?

In this application, a ‘room’ is the key to get to the quizzes. In the free version there is only one room you can use. With paid versions there are more. In each room you can place multiple quizzes that the student can open with the activation key if they have been activated by the teacher.

Students make quizzes

Students answer the questions.

Attention! Attention! 

A quiz can only be reached by the student if the quiz has been activated by the teacher. The student can make use of different devices from pc to mobile phone.

What should the student do?
-Go to and log in as a student: click on Student Login in the upper right corner.
-Enter the room number provided by the teacher behind Room number and click on join.
-Please enter first and last name and click Submit.
-Student can make the test.

Space Race
The students can also work together in a group and let the groups compete against each other in the so-called spaceship game.

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