Managing Passwords

“I must set a new password for this site. Why is so hard to remember a good one?” Do you have the same problem? Keep reading.

Lesson goals and objectives

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what is a password manager
  • how to have good and different passwords for each site
  • what are the features of a password manager

We use a lot of user accounts. It is very hard to remember different and hard-to-guess passwords. So typically users use simple and easy to guess passwords and they also use the same passwords everywhere. This is very insecure.

It is possible to use very hard-to-guess passwords. It is possible to use different passwords for each online account. It is not mandatory that you remember all the passwords. It is enough to remember just one good password to protect all the other passwords. All this is possible if you use a password manager. See the video below, which shows what the password manager is and how it works.

Password managers can store your password online or offline. It is more convenient to store the password online as it is easier to use the password manager on different machines/devices but is also less secure.

What does it take to break passwords of different length? See below …

8 characters


hours to crack

10 characters


days to crack

12 characters


years to crack




Some password managers, that you can use:

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