Learning programmes

We’re creating 6 Open-Educational Resources (OER) in the form of micro-learning programmes to help you develop the skills you need. Courses are under development at the moment, but you can find out what these programmes will involve, below.

01 / Digital Identity

This module will define digital identity and help you understand what it is, while providing ways you can better manage your digital identity.

02 / Security & Data Handling

This module will help you define what data security is, providing the legislation which underpins data security. You will also learn preventive measures to keep your data safe.

03 / Alternative Environments

This module will help you create or optimise learning content which incorporates the use of technologies that enable alternative environments. You will also find out how to identify the differences between alternative environment technologies and their impacts?

04 / Digita Education Methodologies

This module will help you identify learner needs and evaluate the most appropriate digital pedagogy to satisfy these needs using technology.

05 / Digital Education Models

This module will also help you identify learner needs. However, it will then help you find ways to use technology for; Lecturing, Demonstration, Collaboration and Assessment.

06 / Media Rich Content

This module will help you identify the differences between different formats of media rich content and support you to optimise existing or create new learning content incorporating media rich content.