Digital Education Models

DEM 1 – Identifying Learner Needs

Learner Personas

“The learner-first training model is simple but radically different from the way a lot of organisations train. The first step in the learner-fir

Technology Enhanced Learning

“The virtual classroom allows us to overcome some of the more common obstacles in executive learning: namely, the time and expense involved with

Digital Pedagogy

“… if you’re using the same pedagogy with a stick and sand as you are using with a high-speed computer network, you really don’t understa
DEM 2 – Enhancing Learning through technology

Using Technology for Assessment

“The teacher’s job is not to transmit knowledge, nor to facilitate learning. It is to engineer effective learning environments for the stu

Using Technology for Collaboration

“About 80% of businesses are using at least one remote collaboration software in their organizational activities. This number will only continue

Using Technology for Demonstration

“We have found that conducting economic experiments in the classroom, with discussions before, during, and after the experiments, is an effectiv

Using Technology for Lecturing

“Intuitively, anecdotally, and scientifically, PowerPoint may be the worst business tool ever created.”James Geoffrey“Harvard Just D
DEM 3 – Education Models

Project-based learning

“In Project Based Learning, teachers make learning come alive for students.”PBLWorks Lesson goals and objectives This module will: Give yo

Experiential Learning

“There are two goals in the experiential learning process. One is to learn the specifics of a particular subject, and the other is to learn abou

Flipped Classroom

“So I think that there is going to be a dramatic shift but, let me tell you, that shift is overdue. Because our approach to teaching is really a

Case study Teaching

“If we try to teach these things without helping our students to feel that they are needed, then they won’t be needed—and they will

Problem-based Learning

“In brief, PBL is a pedagogical approach that enables students to learn while engaging actively with meaningful problems. Students are given the

Immersive Learning

“Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.”David A. Kolb Lesson goals and objectives This module

Scenario-based Learning

“It starts with a simple message, “Hello? Can anyone read me?” and then you find yourself dragged into a dramatic sci-fi branching s

Networked Learning

“What’s different is that the top-down, center-out approach to traditional education is dramatically diminished. Learner-generated, inform
DE 4 – What Do We Know About (Online) Learning